To All Golfers,
Thank you for your continued support of The Habitat and Spessard Holland during these difficult times.
I also want to say thank you to the staff at both courses that have done an incredible job in following all the necessary guidelines to keep the courses open and safe for everyone to play.
The second group of incredible workers I want to thank are the maintenance staff lead by Jamie Baker and Dan Loveridge, our golf course Superintendents. Both courses have been a priority the crew and myself and we have been working together to make the playing conditions evolve into something you can be proud of. To this point they have done an incredible job, our future plans will be emailed and posted on our websites over the next several months. We know you’ll love the improvements we are making and will be able to see our continued commitment to both courses.
Over the next several weeks and months we will be aerifiying the greens and we will be doing the same to the roughs to continue to promote better turf when you happen to miss the fairway. The bunkers at Habitat are still an ongoing project and the pepper trees are going to be a lifetime of work but we are committed to remove as many as we can.
Here is the greens schedule for aerification:
– Habitat date change is now June 3rd 2020 and August 3rd 2020 the course is closed both days.
– Spessard Holland is now June 17 2020 and September 1st 2020 the course is closed both days.
– These dates are all weather permitting and if there are any changes we will keep you updated.
– The roughs and approach areas will be done during July, but we might close nines on a given day. Those dates will be posted in advance.

Starting the day after we aerify, at both courses we will run our Special rate of $19.91 at Habitat for two weeks and Spessard will be $19.77.
Depending on times played the rate is for 18 and 9 holes, there are times and group rates that will be a little less.
Golf Brevard Inc, is committed to keep the courses open for you to play. We will continue our policies with the golf carts and social distancing at both golf courses. We ask you to do only one thing when you play at both courses, please be aware my staff is the most important thing to me and when you have a problem or feel things aren’t just right ask for me and I will be happy to discuss. They have been superstars during these extreme time and without them we would have had to close.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for making The Habitat and Spessard Holland such a great place to play.

Stay safe and please be on the lookout for new videos and content from both courses on our website and social media outlets soon.

Mike Yurigan
General Manager/Director of Golf

Dear Golfers at The Habitat,

With the announcement from Governor DeSantis that Florida will enter phase one of a re-opening plan, we wanted to update you on a few things.

First, our food and beverage operations will resume in a limited capacity on Monday May 4th. We will begin selling snacks and alcoholic beverages out of the pro shop, but additional food services we will remain closed for the time being. Currently we are looking in to how to best serve you with a restricted capacity inside the clubhouse and utilize outside seating options.

Second, we will continue to enforce the same rules in regard to social distancing throughout the clubhouse and on the course. Please continue to keep six feet of distance when you check in, play, and please do not congregate in the parking lot before or after your round.

Finally we want to say thank you for your continued support of both courses through this situation. We are thankful to be able to continue to serve our community and we look forward to continuing to do so.

Thank you.

Mike Yurigan

General Manager / Director of Golf

Thank you for your continued support of Golf Brevard Inc, The Habitat, and Spessard Holland.  Please be advised of four very important things my staff and I are asking you to continue to do when you come out to both courses.

  1. Please continue to maintain social distancing throughout the entire property.
  2. Please respect the golf course by keeping golf carts on the paths when provided, not around the greens and slopes.
  3. When finished with your round please return carts to the cart barns and leave the property. We are not allowing any social gatherings in the parking lot.
  4. Finally, do not bring any alcoholic beverages to the course. If you do, the staff will ask you to leave the property immediately with no exceptions.

My staff has done an incredible job keeping the courses open for you to enjoy and we are asking these things of you so they will not be put in a situation that is uncomfortable for them or for you.  We do all of this so that we can continue to stay open and provide our services for you.

Thank you,

Mike Yurigan

General Manager/Director of Golf